Missouri Durable Power of Attorney

By executing a power of attorney, an individual can be assured that his or her medical and financial decisions will be taken care of by a trusted friend or family member in the event of incapacitation.

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What is a Power of Attorney?

Missouri law authorizes the durable power of attorney. This is a legal arrangement whereby one individual is given legal authority to act on behalf of another in specific circumstances. Most often, a power of attorney makes health care and financial decisions on behalf of an adult who is physically or mentally incapacitated.

At JoAnn C. Donovan, Attorney at Law, we can help you establish both a health care power of attorney and a financial power of attorney. If your need for a power of attorney is temporary (due to short-term illness, for example), you may want a “limited power of attorney.”

Building a Complete Estate Plan

A power of attorney is one component of an effective estate plan. Lawyer JoAnn Donovan can explain how a will and a trust can be used to protect your assets and further protect your family.

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