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Experienced Estate Planning Counsel

Many of our clients place a great deal of importance on the question of what will happen to their wealth after they die or if they become incapacitated.

At JoAnn C. Donovan, Attorney at Law, we understand how seriously you take these issues. We have the experience to help you develop an estate plan that meets your personal goals. Contact an asset protection lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation.

Addressing Your Unique Needs and Wishes

Among the legal tools for estate planning are:
Wills — A will names the person who will administer your estate, sets out your plan for asset distribution (including any charities you want to support), and names a guardian for any minor children. If you die without a will, these decisions will be made by the court according to state law without your input.
Trusts — A trust is a device for removing all or some of your property from the time-consuming process of probate. A trust can centralize estate administration to a single person chosen by you. It can also enable you to construct a more flexible and detailed estate plan. Trusts can be specially structured to provide benefits to beneficiaries with special needs.

We have extensive experience helping St. Louis County and St. Charles County clients select the estate planning options that are best for them. Contact us to have skilled estate planning lawyer JoAnn C. Donovan assess your needs and advise you on your estate plan in a confidential consultation.

Powers of Attorney

The possibility of becoming mentally and/or physically incapacitated is frightening, but there are good reasons to give it some thought. By planning ahead, you can ensure that someone you trust will be responsible for making important decisions about your health care and finances.

Missouri law allows you to create a durable power of attorney, appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. We have extensive experience helping clients draft both health care powers of attorney and financial powers of attorney.