St. Charles Commercial & Business Law Lawyer

Knowledgeable Business Attorney

If you own a business, are in the process of starting a business or are involved in business transactions, it is in your interest to deal professionally and effectively with any legal issues that may arise.

When you are setting up your business or making business contracts, JoAnn C. Donovan Attorney at Law can help you anticipate and avoid problems. When you have to go to court to protect your rights, we can give you the civil litigation counsel and representation you need.

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Asserting Your Interests in Litigation

Lawsuits are a normal — if unfortunate — aspect of doing business. If you are involved in a suit, you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

If you have been targeted in a lawsuit, we can enter an appearance on your behalf and begin the process of providing you with quality legal representation. If you would like to pursue a legal claim, we can prepare your suit and advocate for your position.

We are experienced at representing businesses and individuals in litigation over business contracts, non-compete contracts and other commercial and business matters.

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Conduct Business Affairs

At JoAnn C. Donovan Attorney at Law, we provide full-service, knowledgeable assistance with the formation, conduct and sale of businesses.

We can help you determine what legal form would be best for your business and prepare all the necessary documents. We can also coordinate contracts and other transactional affairs with lenders, landlords and certified public accountants (CPAs). If you wish to buy or sell a business, we can prepare the contract and bill of sale.